Happy Birthday Judy!

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. She’s on the other side of the world right now though so she’s kinda hard to reach.
I decided to use this week’s Bellariffic Challenge design for her birthday card. This sketch is created by Meahni again. I really liked this layout and found it fun and creative.


I pretty much followed it to a T, other then the rounded upper right corner. Not very creative of me, now is it!


However, I did try to get a little creative with my colouring technique. I used the lessons learned this past Saturday in shading. I’m glad I’ve been using my Colourless Blender copic as just a week ago I was thinking, “why the hell did I buy this?” It came in handy with the hair and blending the browns together to create a softer look on the edges.
One thing I must practice at is choosing which 3 colours produce the matching colour for my card. It’s not perfect in this instance, but it doesn’t look out of place I think.
Here’s a close up shot of the colouring:


I popped out the cake and added sparkle to make it look extra yummy. Cause you know yummy cakes always have sparkles… or sparklers.

I think I’m happy with it… I’m just not sure if something’s missing. I didn’t want to go overboard as mother always says, “less is more”. Should I have added an embellishment the top right maybe?


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I’m Late!

… with my Bella post from last Friday. Sorry mom.

What did I even do Friday? I tried to see Inglorious Basterds, but there was nooooo way I was sitting in the front row for a 3 hour movie. I ended up going again on Saturday instead. Awesome movie. Everybody actually clapped at the end of it. I didn’t just want to clap though, I wanted to punch somebody in the FACE! That’s how revved up Tarantino films make me. Ok just this and Death Proof, but MAN! I really was pumped after that was over.

Last Friday’s Bellariffic Challenge was presented by Meahnibella. Wonderful artist. Here’s her sketch:


I had a bit o’ trouble with this one, but here’s what I came up with:


And it wasn’t until after I was finished that I thought I’d seen this before… it’s just like my card I made for my sister Katie’s birthday only 2 weeks before! That was a bellariffic challenge too. The only difference really was the embellishment required for the top left. But I made it even worse by using the same exact paper combos! Ah well… I’ll just remember not to give that to Katie.

On Saturday and Sunday was the special guest teachers Lindabella and Paulabella at Stamping Bella. BELLA BELLA BELLA! I say it with Brad Pitt’s Italian accent from Inglorious Basterds. Exquisite.
Anyway, I had a great time and learned a lot. We had 3 images to colour with our copics on Saturday but only got to 2 out of the 3. It takes time to learn the art! I was taught some great techniques on how to shade an image using 3 or more copics. It takes a long time to really achieve a nice effect, but if you have the patience, why not. And if you have a wide range of markers too.
Anyway, here’s what I accomplished in 2 hours:


Cute eh? I love the turtle the best. She had a great technique where you use your colourless blender on the turtles belly to remove a dot and then using your darkest shade you make a C shape underneath to pop it out. I like the colour combination she chose for her shading underneath as well.

Now I hope to start on this weeks Bellariffic Challenge. It’s an interesting layout so I’m looking forward to it. We’ll see how much patience I have to colour. It’s Robbie’s mom’s birthday tomorrow so I shall make this one for her!

Talk to ya later!

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For my favourite Niece!

And I am allowed to say that because she’s my only one. This Thursday it’s her birthday! I think it’s her 5th… but I have to ask Michelle because she always knows the ages of my niece and nephews.

I bought this stamp set about a month back and have been very excited to use it. It’s from C.C. Designs Sugarplums Underwater Adventure.


Ain’t she cute? I had a lot of fun colouring this one. I tried to use a few colours on my rocks and I think they turned out pretty neat. I love the pink hair too. The fish were stamped on patterned paper and the two small ones are coloured along the band. The seaweed turned out cool too. I love using my greens. I added some clear gloss to the seaweed as well as parts of the fishes and mermaid to give it a wet look. I layered my glitter paper in the middle so the rock is behind it and the mermaid is layered on top of that with her tail bent out slightly. I added some scales to the top of her tail for some more texture.
Though hard to see, on the top half I used a very light aqua ink on my Stamping Bella swirly circle border to fill it up without it being too busy, and also continuing a sea-like background. Bella dots were used for her crown and embellishment on the top left.

It all glitters so much better in person though. Hope she likes it! Maybe I’ll find some mermaid crafts for her birthday to go with it. Tah tah!

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Dexter Do. Rebecca Don’t.

Back from la Cottage! Or is it le cottage? Is the cottage feminine or masculine? I think it’s a hermaphrodite, so we’ll call it lea cottage.

Well it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for me, but Dexter sure had a good time. He had many things to sniff and explore. Even things that weren’t on our property. Which in turn gave me a heart attack when I couldn’t find him about 4 times. Terrible thoughts ran through my head when that happened. What if he never comes back? I will never leave the cottage until he does. But alas, he was found in less than 3 minutes.

I can’t say he loved the water. But he didn’t dis-like it. He walked in himself with no fear up to his little ankles, but it was me who picked him up and made him swim in from the deep. Not too far, I wasn’t being mean, calm down. But he did it! It’s amazing the instincts dogs are born with.
My mom took a few photos of the two of us so I hope I can post them properly on the blog without them being all over the place. We’ll see… now.







Now I wasn’t around when this last photo was taken, but I found it on my mom’s camera and had to add it. This boy’s afraid of nothin!

Maybe by next year Dexter will have calmed down and I can take him for a quiet weekend up there again.

He had a nice bath today (I think he liked it, he actually sat down in the water) and is squeeky clean! Then it was brush time and now he’s a big fluff ball. What a cutie. I ♥ Dexter.

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2 for the post of 1

Well it’s off to the cottage tomorrow morning!! I’m so excited. This will be the first time Dexter will get a chance to swim in the lake. I hope he takes a liking to it. If he’s anything like his mom (human mom), he’ll love it. He’s a playful doggy, so I think he’ll like to splash around a bit. I trimmed all his belly hair because it was getting knotted and he hates when I brush there so I tend not to. So now he’s all clean and probably feels a lot better. He looks like a fluffy Bichon now, but come tomorrow, he’ll look like a drowned rat. But he’ll still be cute.

Because I’m going up north to the cottage I will be missing my cousin’s sons 1st birthday on Sunday. However I did make him a card and my sister will be in attendance for us all down there. I borrowed this stamp from a friend at work because it’s just perfect for Dylan! He’s got black hair and I can just see him doing this exact thing when he’s up at his cottage some day.


I used my new clear glaze pen over top of the frog to give him that wet look. I then put my white glaze pen for some added slimy effect. I also used my glaze pen on the hair, just cause, and on the “1” to highlight it. The paper was quite porous though so I had to go over it about 5 times to make it solid. The cool thing is the patterned paper has a gloss to some of it as well, so it all ties in nicely. I like repeating a certain element throughout a card. Brings it all together.

As I’m going up north I will be seeing my grandpa. He had knee surgery not too long ago, so I wanted to wish him a speedy recovery. I used my Ketto clothes line again but put in ties. I don’t have many masculine stamps so I thought they would be quite versatile.


I love the way the copics make the colours just POP out. Especially when they contrast each other.
I coloured in the buttons as well (yes, carrying out the clothing theme) with my copic as well. Only thing is I can’t get it to be completely solid looking, but oh well. It’ll do for now.
I used my black glaze pen over top of my sentiment as well as the dots on the middle tie.
Now to come up with the inside! I’ll work on that before bed. If you’re looking to click on my photos to enlarge and see detail, since yesterday I haven’t been able to upload the full image to Robbie’s server. He’s going to check on it this weekend so hopefully by Monday I can put it up and you can see the mistakes up close.

Time to pack! Hope everybody enjoys their hot, hot weekend!!

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(no subject)

The best way to start my card week off is with a Bellariffic sketch. It gets me in that creative flow and away I go!

I started and finished my card for this Friday’s challenge, and tomorrow it’s out the door on its way to a lucky recipient!
This week’s sketch was created by one talented Bellariffic babe, Shannon Teubner.


I had just the stamp in mind for this sketch. In order to use it, I had to rotate the sketch 90 degrees to make it fit.
And here it is:


I used the new Ketto clothesline with fancy dresses. I stamped directly on the patterned paper for both dresses because I thought it was a neat pattern to use. The paper is from the same set as the rest of the patterned paper used on the card. I looked all around the spare room for some cream coloured lace to add around the borders, but alas came up with nothing. One last dig through my ribbon drawer and I found some ribbon with a frill along the edges that matched perfectly in colour! I put some double sided tape from scor-pal and ran the ribbon along the oval shape. I can’t believe it didn’t bunch of turn in. Worked out just right. The clothesline is so big it couldn’t even fit on the biggest oval nestablitities shape, so I took my time in cutting everything out and piecing it together. I think it made it easier in the long run to line things up anyway.
To keep with the theme of clothing I used buttons as my embellishments. I could’ve coloured them with my copics, but I thought the cream colour that they are was good enough. If I was feeling more ambitious I could’ve threaded something pretty through the button holes, but nahhh… didn’t want to dig around the sewing room anymore.

Now on to finishing up Dylan’s birthday card for his 1st birthday. Hope to have that posted tomorrow.


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It’s Bellariffic Faahhhriiiiddayyyy!

Feels good to get back into it. I haven’t participated in 2 or 3 weeks because of vacation. But, that’s why it’s called vacation. No obligations, no schedule and lots of sleep. Though I probably got the same amount of sleep, but at opposite times of the day. And now it’s the weekend! And Robbie and I will be going house hunting tomorrow!! I’m so excited. I’ve been buying design magazines, and watching design shows… ahhh, I love it. I was at Des Serres today and they had these cute wall decals too. I think I may do my craft room in a more vibrant green in my new home and have wall decals on it. Can’t wait to make a home my own! I’ve been collecting things for years and when I get to put them all on display I will be ever so happy.

Well here is this weeks challenge sketch by Paulabella:


And seeing as it is my sister Katie’s 21st birthday next Monday, I made this card for her:


This is a new stamp from last weeks release at Stamping Bella. They are the Lulu collection. So very adorable. I am sure to make my next few cards with the others I bought.
I used my new clear glaze pen on each dot on the bottom of the dresses as well as the dots in the dress design on the right. I used my Martha Stewart Hydrangea punch for the flowers above and little diamonds (totally real) for the flower centers. It felt a little empty and unbalanced on the upper right hand side so I cut a corner from my patterened paper and pasted up there to even it all out.

And tah dah! That’s it! Hope she likes it. Also hope she doesn’t check my blog before Monday. But if she does I’m sure she won’t tell me.

Off to my HUSBAND’S now! Have a great weekend everybody!

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