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Post-Thanksgiving woes

Thanksgiving woes altogether. I didn’t have a Thanksgiving! The flu just had to catch up with me the day before I leave for one of the best times of the year. I should’ve had a headache all weekend because I drank too much, not because I was a sicky!
But there was some good that came of it. I got to spend a lovely weekend with my husband and my doggy. I didn’t have to send Dexter away to doggy boarding, and also saved $110.00. It would’ve been nice to combine all the good things, but Christmas is just around the corner folks!

This weekend also marked the 31st birthday of my cousin Chad. HAPPY BELATED CHADDY! Hope you liked your card. Here it is for all to see:


I borrowed these stamps from my friend Michelle, as I really don’t have many masculine stamps. I already used beerafella for him last year, so what was left! We’ve spent many a nights rockin out to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, so this was perfect. Mind you, I created this when I came home from work Thursday in a blur because I wanted to get it done so I could go to bed. I’m not so keen on the colours, but what can I say! The guitar looks cool with the glittery blue sparkles. I haven’t gotten a chance to use that glitter yet, and I bought it almost a year ago at the Creative Festival. It’s a great guitar colour. I borrowed the sentiment for GUITAR HERO and if you can’t read the border it says, “rock on • rock on” and on and on.

My next card is for a Baptism. The image and colours were requested by my sister’s friend for the card. I think it turned out quite pretty. I like the colours myself I must say! I love the glittering technique from Linda Heavens where you just dot the glue and add the sparkle. It just makes it more magical some how I think. I’m so glad I took her class. I really learned a lot about using my copics.


The beautiful sentiment is from Lizzie Anne Designs.
Of course I made this tonight instead of last week when I could’ve submitted to the Bellariffic Challenge. I was sick I tell you! Sick!

And now there’s only THREE more days until Robbie and I get our house!!! I’m sooooo excited. I’ve almost got my colours picked, but I think the main room I’m going to have to buy some sample paint before I choose. I’ll be taking lots of pictures along the way so stay tuned for those.

Night night all!


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Bella Challenge June 19

Each week Stamping Bella puts up a challenge for everybody to participate in. This week Paula from Paper Possibilities created a great layout. Here it is:

At first I had no idea what I was going to do for this one. But then the idea came late in the week and I knew just what I would create. Here is my interpretation of the layout:

I really love the bold colours in this one. It’s really funky. I haven’t designed many (see: 1) cards in the 5×5 layout. I really like it though. The only thing that’s held me back is I keep forgetting to pick up envelopes to fit them! I thought since I didn’t have a purpose for this card just yet I could hold on to it and get my ass into Stamping Bella and order them!

The second and third card I made today were both for graduations. One being my sister Katie as she graduated today from a 3 year course at Centennial for Creative Advertising with HONOURSSSSSS!! Way to go Katie! Her card had blonde hair to match.
The second graduation card was requested by my friend Barb who’s daughter is graduating high school next week. I wanted to make it classy looking and also found the perfect sentiment to go on it which is from Lizzie Anne Designs. I love when I bought something long ago that’s been sitting around for a while and find that it fits my card just perfect. Makes me feel like I didn’t waste my money. The ribbon is actually see-through plastic with a really neat design. Also something I bought long ago and haven’t used yet. So it all came together nicely I think.

You can see the reflection of the light on the plastic ribbon actually. I cut the flowers out and popped them up over the border. I also coloured the gown with Lyra pencils and mineral spirits because the black copic marker is too dense when you’re colouring a large object. The rest is done copic markers.

So that was what I did from 4-7 pm today! I enjoyed it though and was happy to get my Bella submission in on time. They’ll all be posted tomorrow and a random winner is picked to win $20! Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day, huh? If not I’ll save my luck for Vegas next month.

That’s it for today folk(s)! Nighto!!

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