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Absolutely Gorjuss

I’d seen these stamps floating around blogs before and they have always caught my eye. I finally sought out to find out just where I could get my hands on them! They’re from a wonderful little Scottish site called FunkyKits. I thought ohhh, shipping’s going to be a fortune. But I guess they are just so popular in North America that it’s actually quite cheap! There’s a limit of 10 stamps per order, but it’s only about $5.00 Canadian for shipping.
They’re from the Sugar Nellie collection called Gorjuss Girls. Check her out:


I love her! She’s such a hippie. And the paper’s from Abbey Road. Can they use that name? I doubt the Beatles gave them permission. Or Michael Jackson.
I love these stamps. I only bought 2 others, but eventually I’d love to have them all. I can’t wait to make my next card with the Bumble Bee Gorjuss Girl.

Hope you like her as much as I do! If not… I’m sure it won’t hurt her feelings. But you just never know…. woooooooooo scaaarrrryyyyy!!!
Happy Halloween!


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