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C’est l’Halloween!

C’est l’Halloween, HEY!  Great song. Also one of the few things I remember from French class, other than putting a song together to the theme of Fresh Price of Bel-Air of course.

This weeks Bellaliffic challenge, and a challenge it was for me, was to create a Halloween/Fall themed card. I didn’t think I really had a Halloween stamp to use, but upon searching through my collection I found my owls! Owls can be kinda spooky, right? I mean it would totally freak you out if you saw these big yellow eyes staring at you when you’re walking through the forest at midnight like you do so often.
It was the colours that I had to use that bothered me. I’m not a big fan of using black, purple, green orange and/or brown together.  So needless to say I wasn’t completely impressed with the finished product, but I’ll leave that up to you to judge.


BOO! Totally scary, right? The only idea I had ahead of time was that I wanted to make a moon using my circle punch and then using the circle punch on that circle again to create a moon crescent. I liked adding the moonlight and darkness to the image as well. It’s just the rest of the card ain’t my cuppa tea. I didn’t think I had a Halloween sentiment to use on it even, but then I remembered a fall/Halloween set my mom  had bought for me last year that I hadn’t used yet. I guess it’s just because I don’t know why I’d give somebody a Halloween card. I don’t want to make Halloween a gift giving holiday to adults (Christmas is just too close by), and I think the kids would rather a handful of candy.

At first I was going to emboss the sentiment and spider web in white on the card but the powder kept sticking in places where it didn’t belong. I tried three times, even used a dryer sheet to clean the area before I stamped. But noooooooooooo! So I stamped with white, which didn’t pop enough, so I used my white glaze pen over top. It’s kinda messy looking but whatcha gon’ do huh?!

But anyway, I got some positive reviews on the card from people which I always appreciate, so thank you.

Now for the scariest photo of all! (no it’s not going to be a photo of me without eyebrows)

Poor guy huh? But cute! It’s not just for aesthetic reasons that I bought this great costume. Dexter won’t move an inch while he’s in it. And that means I can answer the door to the kids and hand out treats without him trying to get out and greet them/knock them over!
Don’t worry, no animals were hurt in the trying on of this costume. Maybe just emotionally a little.
And it’s Dexter’s second birthday today!!! … I just had to break from this post because he’s ripping small pieces of plastic off his bone and this is the second time in 15 minutes that I’d had to shove my fingers in his mouth to get it out. Might be garbage time for that one! I think Kong toys are the only ones that have outlasted Dexter. And what did his daddy buy for his birthday? A Dexter figurine! Not my doggy Dexter though, my favourite TV character Dexter Morgan. Pretty cool. Dexter can only look and not touch though. But tomorrow is the real treat. I’m going to make some home-made treats for him with my niece and nephew! Maybe get a party hat for him too. He obviously loves hats.

Well I hope everybody has a good weekend! Bye for now!


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Dexter Do. Rebecca Don’t.

Back from la Cottage! Or is it le cottage? Is the cottage feminine or masculine? I think it’s a hermaphrodite, so we’ll call it lea cottage.

Well it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for me, but Dexter sure had a good time. He had many things to sniff and explore. Even things that weren’t on our property. Which in turn gave me a heart attack when I couldn’t find him about 4 times. Terrible thoughts ran through my head when that happened. What if he never comes back? I will never leave the cottage until he does. But alas, he was found in less than 3 minutes.

I can’t say he loved the water. But he didn’t dis-like it. He walked in himself with no fear up to his little ankles, but it was me who picked him up and made him swim in from the deep. Not too far, I wasn’t being mean, calm down. But he did it! It’s amazing the instincts dogs are born with.
My mom took a few photos of the two of us so I hope I can post them properly on the blog without them being all over the place. We’ll see… now.







Now I wasn’t around when this last photo was taken, but I found it on my mom’s camera and had to add it. This boy’s afraid of nothin!

Maybe by next year Dexter will have calmed down and I can take him for a quiet weekend up there again.

He had a nice bath today (I think he liked it, he actually sat down in the water) and is squeeky clean! Then it was brush time and now he’s a big fluff ball. What a cutie. I ♥ Dexter.

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