For my favourite Niece!

And I am allowed to say that because she’s my only one. This Thursday it’s her birthday! I think it’s her 5th… but I have to ask Michelle because she always knows the ages of my niece and nephews.

I bought this stamp set about a month back and have been very excited to use it. It’s from C.C. Designs Sugarplums Underwater Adventure.


Ain’t she cute? I had a lot of fun colouring this one. I tried to use a few colours on my rocks and I think they turned out pretty neat. I love the pink hair too. The fish were stamped on patterned paper and the two small ones are coloured along the band. The seaweed turned out cool too. I love using my greens. I added some clear gloss to the seaweed as well as parts of the fishes and mermaid to give it a wet look. I layered my glitter paper in the middle so the rock is behind it and the mermaid is layered on top of that with her tail bent out slightly. I added some scales to the top of her tail for some more texture.
Though hard to see, on the top half I used a very light aqua ink on my Stamping Bella swirly circle border to fill it up without it being too busy, and also continuing a sea-like background. Bella dots were used for her crown and embellishment on the top left.

It all glitters so much better in person though. Hope she likes it! Maybe I’ll find some mermaid crafts for her birthday to go with it. Tah tah!


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