Dexter Do. Rebecca Don’t.

Back from la Cottage! Or is it le cottage? Is the cottage feminine or masculine? I think it’s a hermaphrodite, so we’ll call it lea cottage.

Well it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for me, but Dexter sure had a good time. He had many things to sniff and explore. Even things that weren’t on our property. Which in turn gave me a heart attack when I couldn’t find him about 4 times. Terrible thoughts ran through my head when that happened. What if he never comes back? I will never leave the cottage until he does. But alas, he was found in less than 3 minutes.

I can’t say he loved the water. But he didn’t dis-like it. He walked in himself with no fear up to his little ankles, but it was me who picked him up and made him swim in from the deep. Not too far, I wasn’t being mean, calm down. But he did it! It’s amazing the instincts dogs are born with.
My mom took a few photos of the two of us so I hope I can post them properly on the blog without them being all over the place. We’ll see… now.







Now I wasn’t around when this last photo was taken, but I found it on my mom’s camera and had to add it. This boy’s afraid of nothin!

Maybe by next year Dexter will have calmed down and I can take him for a quiet weekend up there again.

He had a nice bath today (I think he liked it, he actually sat down in the water) and is squeeky clean! Then it was brush time and now he’s a big fluff ball. What a cutie. I ♥ Dexter.


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