2 for the post of 1

Well it’s off to the cottage tomorrow morning!! I’m so excited. This will be the first time Dexter will get a chance to swim in the lake. I hope he takes a liking to it. If he’s anything like his mom (human mom), he’ll love it. He’s a playful doggy, so I think he’ll like to splash around a bit. I trimmed all his belly hair because it was getting knotted and he hates when I brush there so I tend not to. So now he’s all clean and probably feels a lot better. He looks like a fluffy Bichon now, but come tomorrow, he’ll look like a drowned rat. But he’ll still be cute.

Because I’m going up north to the cottage I will be missing my cousin’s sons 1st birthday on Sunday. However I did make him a card and my sister will be in attendance for us all down there. I borrowed this stamp from a friend at work because it’s just perfect for Dylan! He’s got black hair and I can just see him doing this exact thing when he’s up at his cottage some day.


I used my new clear glaze pen over top of the frog to give him that wet look. I then put my white glaze pen for some added slimy effect. I also used my glaze pen on the hair, just cause, and on the “1” to highlight it. The paper was quite porous though so I had to go over it about 5 times to make it solid. The cool thing is the patterned paper has a gloss to some of it as well, so it all ties in nicely. I like repeating a certain element throughout a card. Brings it all together.

As I’m going up north I will be seeing my grandpa. He had knee surgery not too long ago, so I wanted to wish him a speedy recovery. I used my Ketto clothes line again but put in ties. I don’t have many masculine stamps so I thought they would be quite versatile.


I love the way the copics make the colours just POP out. Especially when they contrast each other.
I coloured in the buttons as well (yes, carrying out the clothing theme) with my copic as well. Only thing is I can’t get it to be completely solid looking, but oh well. It’ll do for now.
I used my black glaze pen over top of my sentiment as well as the dots on the middle tie.
Now to come up with the inside! I’ll work on that before bed. If you’re looking to click on my photos to enlarge and see detail, since yesterday I haven’t been able to upload the full image to Robbie’s server. He’s going to check on it this weekend so hopefully by Monday I can put it up and you can see the mistakes up close.

Time to pack! Hope everybody enjoys their hot, hot weekend!!


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