Scams… are you a victim?

I signed up for a new Aeroplan VISA a couple weeks ago noticing on their website a welcome bonus of double the points, 5000 Aeroplan miles. So I’m approved, get my card, and today I get my balance statement. On it, only 2500 Aeroplan Miles. What the F man? So I call up VISA and say just that, but not really, and he puts me on hold for a few minutes. Comes back and tells me that is a NEW promotion that just started a week ago, and that I applied before that. Again, what the F man? The reason I signed up for that was BECAUSE I saw the promotion on your website more than a week ago. Oh… well… let me speak to my supervisor, he says. On hold for 10 minutes, comes back… so sorry ma’am (took me a while to remember how to spell ma’am), there is a problem with our so and so… we will be happy to give you the extra 2500 points and we hope this hasn’t effected any other customers. Yeah… RIGHT. I bet they just wait for people to call in and then give them the run around until you insist you’re right, they’re wrong. Someone’s allllways trying to rip you off, aren’t they.

Anyway… I ended up putting together a card for the Bellariffic Challenge for this Friday. You can find the sketch here. And you can find my creation HERE!


I wasn’t going to make this today because I thought my new Mermaid stamps from All That Scraps would have arrived, but no, so I had some free time and put this together. I haven’t actually used this stamp yet so it was fun to take it out and colour it up. I love this paper from American Crafts. I guess you could colour in the white if you really wanted to. But only if you reeeealllllyyyy wanted to. Because if not, something terrible could happen. Like you could totally ruin a piece of paper you paid more than a dollar for. I don’t even want to think about it.

THEN I cut out, very slowly, my Kenya Ketto and popped it up on a sparkly paper backed with a polka-dot pink paper which was also used in some paper piecing on Kenya. Then added some white buttons to balance it out.

So if I have some time tomorrow and my new stamps arrive I’ll try to put something together. I’m still quite tired today. Work’s been hella busy since we’re off for two weeks starting next Monday, so it’s rush-rush for everything. I’m off to bed to dream of Vegas! Nighty night!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Michelle said,

    I love the paper combination, it looks great together.

  2. 2

    Robbie said,

    That’s a cool cutout!

  3. 3

    Nadia said,

    Must be a hell of a work to put color in that psychedelic paper!
    But you know what? I think you should give it a try! It would give a very funky look
    to your card for a….lets say…crazy day theme? Anyway…I really like your card, and you did a good job on the cutout as well! 🙂

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