Too tired for a subject line

Well the birthday party was a success! We had a terrible storm in the morning, but by 11am it had cleared up and was hot and humid; perfect patio weather. Michelle brought along her doggy Harvey to play with Dexter and they had quite the romp. Dexter was lazy and preferred being carried around on Harvey’s back all day. When he’d had enough he’d jump up on his mommy’s lap and Dexter would try to get up too. I wish I could have another dog for Dexter to play with, but for now, I get him all to myself. When he rests he always lays in the passageway to the next room. Either he’s being protective and guarding the door, just wanting to be aware of all surroundings, or he knows that I have to pass him to leave the room and that was I can’t leave without him. Either way it’s cute. He’s my little teddy bear.

Coming up this Sunday is my sister Kristen’s birthday! When Stamping Bella had their last stamp release I saw this one and thought of her. I knew it would be on her next card. “Addy ‘tude LOVES her ‘tini’s”.


I picked out the hypnotic paper the same day I bought the stamp knowing I’d use it for this card. Her boa has pink velvet flock glued to it (though in hindsight I wish I’d coloured it pink underneath and then glued the flock, but I’ll remember that for next time) and I cut out and popped up the 3 martini glasses. It took me a while to think of how I wanted to lay out the card, but I just took a breather and layed in bed with my eyes closed imagining shapes and arrangement. As soon as I thought of the three columns I got up and put it on paper. Or with paper.Tah dah!

The new sketch was posted today for Bellarific Friday July 17th. However, it’s pretty much like the card I made here, so I’m not sure if I’ll just submit that since I’m quite busy this week, or if I’ll have time in the next two days to whip a new one up. Thursday night I’m going to Hamilton to see Green Day, and Friday I’m in Toronto for the Just For Laughs Festival to see 3 awesome comedians; David Cross, Louis CK and Sarah Silverman. Gonna be a great show. Saturday I get me hair did… maybe go up north for a night if I’m not feeling too stressed and guess what’s on Wednesday? I don’t know if I mentioned it but I’m going to VEGGASSSSSSS. I was just looking up the temperature there, and it’s averaging 42°C. Smokin’ hot!! But it is the desert in July, so what can you expect.

Anyway, early night tonight, it’s Monday. Nighto!


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    Robbie said,

    Never before has a card been so cute and so true.

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