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Tomorrow I’m having a little birthday party/bbq for my friend Michelle. She’s a dog lover and has mentioned before how she likes Stamping Bella’s doggy stamps. I bought Dogwalkabella about a year ago but haven’t even used it yet. I guess because it’s something I would want on a card for myself but hadn’t found the appropriate person to give it to yet. So I started working on it last night and it just transformed into something I never even pictured in the beginning.


I had watched a video tutorial a while back from Lauren Meader where she drew in a sidewalk to add to her stamp. I thought this would be the perfect time to try that seeing as they’re in action here. I didn’t have as many copic markers to do the shading, but I think it turned out pretty good. I added in some grass above it and blended that into the sidewalk as well so it all came together nicely. I used my lyra pencils to colour the 2 dogs, shading and the grass. Then I had this big empty background and thought I’d chalk in a sky to fill it up. It still looked quite empty so Robbie gave me the idea of using my circle nestabilities to make a three layered sun with different shades. That led to me using my blossom nestability for clouds and painted on some “angel wings” shimmerz for some sparkle, and it all came together and made a loverly scene! It’s something I haven’t tried before and I really like the way it turned out. Plus it filled up most of the card so I really didn’t have to do much for layout design but frame it.

I’d like to try more scenery cards with my fairies soon. I have some really cute stamps from Eat Cake Graphics that could really fill up a page. Maybe make something that can be framed and hung up.

Seeing as it’s an outdoor scene I photographed it outside to use the natural lighting. However, there was only shade in my backyard since it’s 8pm and the sun is in the front yard right now… but a little added lighting in photoshop and “boom goes the dynomite”.

So leave a comment and let me know whatcha think! Thanks for dropping by!


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    Cindy said,

    I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by this card!!! It is AMAZING!!!! You did such a fantastic job on the sidewalk(and the grass)….the shading is perfect……..and I love the chalking on the sky/background. The three-layered sun is a very amazingly unique idea…wow(love the shading on it too)…..sooooo cool…..and using the blossom nestabilites for the clouds is brilliant too!!!(especially with the angel wings shimmerz!). I really liked how you coloured the dogs scarf(I think it is a scarf or is it a jacket???)and matched it to girl’s purse and her headband….it draws your eyes up, and again….I believe it really balances the card( and so perfect with the green swiss-dot carstock)! I am still saying WOW…..holy poop….is THIS EVER A FANTASTIC CARD!!!So iimpressive….KUDOS!!!! I know that Lauren would be as proud of you as I am!!! Take good care…have a geat week…and I can’t wait to see what you create next!!!Lots of love…Cindy Lou

  2. 2

    Michelle said,

    I love this card, and thank-you Rebecca for making it for me. I also love all the stamps I got for my birthday.

    • 3

      feelgoodink said,

      Thanks Michelle! So glad you love it. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful cards you’re going to create with your new stamps!

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