What a weekend!

Hello hello!
I had a fantastic weekend with my niece Paige and my nephew Liam. I took them to Wild Water Kingdom. I haven’t actually been there since I was a kid and I really didn’t remember a thing about it.
It was really great spending the day with Robbie and the kids at the water park. We jumped around in the wave pool (the only pool with warm water), drifted along the (freezing) lazy river, or the “lazy susan” as Paige and Liam called it, and slid down some water slides. It wasn’t the warmest day of the summer, but that didn’t spoil it for us.
Paige loved to wave at Hugo the Hippo as he walked by and Liam went on his first big water slide. It was quite the day and I had the best time with those kids!

After we got home they were both very excited to visit my craft room and make some cards for their mommy’s upcoming birthday. They each chose a stamp that reminded them of their mom and coloured each image beautifully! They’re true artists. So careful and focused. We then picked out some purple papers since that is their mom’s favourite colour and away we went! The cuttlebug was one of their favourite things to do as well as paper punching. And here are their wonderful works of art:

First we have Paige’s card


She said the fairy on the left is her mom because she has brown curly hair, and the one on the right is her (no she doesn’t have purple hair yet, but wait until she’s a teenager…) Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Next we have Liam’s card


It’s funny because that is the stamp I chose for their mom’s card last year. He did a spectacular colouring job and then went around the image with blue pearlescent chalk. He then cut out the butterfly, paper on the bottom, vellum on the top and used vellum again for the sentiment which went through a new machine for him, the Xyron sticker-maker. Beautiful!

They then wrote some lovely things inside the card and sealed them up with an envelope and sticker, not to be opened until July 19th.

The next day Paige and I had a loverly tea party in the backyard playhouse.


We put our pearls on (I around my head, so 20’s of me) and had some delicious blueberry tea while talking about our husbands in British accents. She’s quite the actress!

Dexter then wanted to come in, but we preferred to keep our delicate china in one piece.


What a rascal he is. All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to do it again!

Now being that it is Monday, Stamping Bella has posted their sketch for this week.


I’ve already completed my card for the sketch but I’m going to leave you all hanging and post it tomorrow night.

And tomorrow afternoon my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Terry will be coming down for a visit. Can’t wait!

See ya tomorrowwwwwwwww!


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    Robbie said,

    Great bonus picture set!

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