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Off to Vegas!

Well everybody, it’s finally time! Only one more sleep. Though I don’t know if I will, seeing as I got up at 1:30pm today and have to be up tomorrow probably by 5:30am.
I will post some juicy pictures of the trip when I get back for all to see. When vacation’s over I will get back to makin’ some beautiful cards for you and hopefully my mermaid stamps will have been delivered by then. Still haven’t gotten them. Maybe they’re held up at the border… suspicious material you know.

Anyway, I hope everybody has a wonderful week and I will talk to you all soon!!



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Scams… are you a victim?

I signed up for a new Aeroplan VISA a couple weeks ago noticing on their website a welcome bonus of double the points, 5000 Aeroplan miles. So I’m approved, get my card, and today I get my balance statement. On it, only 2500 Aeroplan Miles. What the F man? So I call up VISA and say just that, but not really, and he puts me on hold for a few minutes. Comes back and tells me that is a NEW promotion that just started a week ago, and that I applied before that. Again, what the F man? The reason I signed up for that was BECAUSE I saw the promotion on your website more than a week ago. Oh… well… let me speak to my supervisor, he says. On hold for 10 minutes, comes back… so sorry ma’am (took me a while to remember how to spell ma’am), there is a problem with our so and so… we will be happy to give you the extra 2500 points and we hope this hasn’t effected any other customers. Yeah… RIGHT. I bet they just wait for people to call in and then give them the run around until you insist you’re right, they’re wrong. Someone’s allllways trying to rip you off, aren’t they.

Anyway… I ended up putting together a card for the Bellariffic Challenge for this Friday. You can find the sketch here. And you can find my creation HERE!


I wasn’t going to make this today because I thought my new Mermaid stamps from All That Scraps would have arrived, but no, so I had some free time and put this together. I haven’t actually used this stamp yet so it was fun to take it out and colour it up. I love this paper from American Crafts. I guess you could colour in the white if you really wanted to. But only if you reeeealllllyyyy wanted to. Because if not, something terrible could happen. Like you could totally ruin a piece of paper you paid more than a dollar for. I don’t even want to think about it.

THEN I cut out, very slowly, my Kenya Ketto and popped it up on a sparkly paper backed with a polka-dot pink paper which was also used in some paper piecing on Kenya. Then added some white buttons to balance it out.

So if I have some time tomorrow and my new stamps arrive I’ll try to put something together. I’m still quite tired today. Work’s been hella busy since we’re off for two weeks starting next Monday, so it’s rush-rush for everything. I’m off to bed to dream of Vegas! Nighty night!

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Too tired for a subject line

Well the birthday party was a success! We had a terrible storm in the morning, but by 11am it had cleared up and was hot and humid; perfect patio weather. Michelle brought along her doggy Harvey to play with Dexter and they had quite the romp. Dexter was lazy and preferred being carried around on Harvey’s back all day. When he’d had enough he’d jump up on his mommy’s lap and Dexter would try to get up too. I wish I could have another dog for Dexter to play with, but for now, I get him all to myself. When he rests he always lays in the passageway to the next room. Either he’s being protective and guarding the door, just wanting to be aware of all surroundings, or he knows that I have to pass him to leave the room and that was I can’t leave without him. Either way it’s cute. He’s my little teddy bear.

Coming up this Sunday is my sister Kristen’s birthday! When Stamping Bella had their last stamp release I saw this one and thought of her. I knew it would be on her next card. “Addy ‘tude LOVES her ‘tini’s”.


I picked out the hypnotic paper the same day I bought the stamp knowing I’d use it for this card. Her boa has pink velvet flock glued to it (though in hindsight I wish I’d coloured it pink underneath and then glued the flock, but I’ll remember that for next time) and I cut out and popped up the 3 martini glasses. It took me a while to think of how I wanted to lay out the card, but I just took a breather and layed in bed with my eyes closed imagining shapes and arrangement. As soon as I thought of the three columns I got up and put it on paper. Or with paper.Tah dah!

The new sketch was posted today for Bellarific Friday July 17th. However, it’s pretty much like the card I made here, so I’m not sure if I’ll just submit that since I’m quite busy this week, or if I’ll have time in the next two days to whip a new one up. Thursday night I’m going to Hamilton to see Green Day, and Friday I’m in Toronto for the Just For Laughs Festival to see 3 awesome comedians; David Cross, Louis CK and Sarah Silverman. Gonna be a great show. Saturday I get me hair did… maybe go up north for a night if I’m not feeling too stressed and guess what’s on Wednesday? I don’t know if I mentioned it but I’m going to VEGGASSSSSSS. I was just looking up the temperature there, and it’s averaging 42°C. Smokin’ hot!! But it is the desert in July, so what can you expect.

Anyway, early night tonight, it’s Monday. Nighto!

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Somethin’ different

Tomorrow I’m having a little birthday party/bbq for my friend Michelle. She’s a dog lover and has mentioned before how she likes Stamping Bella’s doggy stamps. I bought Dogwalkabella about a year ago but haven’t even used it yet. I guess because it’s something I would want on a card for myself but hadn’t found the appropriate person to give it to yet. So I started working on it last night and it just transformed into something I never even pictured in the beginning.


I had watched a video tutorial a while back from Lauren Meader where she drew in a sidewalk to add to her stamp. I thought this would be the perfect time to try that seeing as they’re in action here. I didn’t have as many copic markers to do the shading, but I think it turned out pretty good. I added in some grass above it and blended that into the sidewalk as well so it all came together nicely. I used my lyra pencils to colour the 2 dogs, shading and the grass. Then I had this big empty background and thought I’d chalk in a sky to fill it up. It still looked quite empty so Robbie gave me the idea of using my circle nestabilities to make a three layered sun with different shades. That led to me using my blossom nestability for clouds and painted on some “angel wings” shimmerz for some sparkle, and it all came together and made a loverly scene! It’s something I haven’t tried before and I really like the way it turned out. Plus it filled up most of the card so I really didn’t have to do much for layout design but frame it.

I’d like to try more scenery cards with my fairies soon. I have some really cute stamps from Eat Cake Graphics that could really fill up a page. Maybe make something that can be framed and hung up.

Seeing as it’s an outdoor scene I photographed it outside to use the natural lighting. However, there was only shade in my backyard since it’s 8pm and the sun is in the front yard right now… but a little added lighting in photoshop and “boom goes the dynomite”.

So leave a comment and let me know whatcha think! Thanks for dropping by!

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Happy Anniversary Shauna and Rob!

Today’s my sister and brother-in-law’s anniversary. I was a just a young curly, afro-haired bridesmaid at their wedding. I think I had 100 bobby-pins in my hair that day. But that’s what you get for having an Italian hair dresser. Shauna was a beautiful bride and is still such a beautiful woman today.

I only have a few anniversary/love stamps to choose from at the moment, but this one is my favourite. I bought it originally to use for my fiancé Robbie’s birthday because he’s a computer guy and robots just go hand-in-hand with that. But it fits perfectly well for an anniversary card too.


The sentiment was embossed with a vibrant blue embossing powder and then coloured inside with copics. It’s easier to stay in the lines that way. At first I had stamped it in black an coloured, but the red copic smudged and it was just garbage so I re-did it with the embossing and I like it so much better. Mistakes happen for a reason! Something good always comes out of it.

Well I’m going to get back to working on Michelle’s birthday card. I’m having a BBQ party for her on Saturday. The only day out of the week that’s going to rain and THUNDER. But we’ll just thunder away in the basement with Rock Band.

13 more days until Vegassssss!!!!! And you should see the cute dress I bought yesterday… my oh my. Hope to have some pics up when we get back. But I don’t want to think about that day yet. Nighto everyone!

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Bellariffic Friday July 10

I love Bellariffic Fridays. It has really inspired my creativity. I love seeing all the amazingly beautiful submissions from all the artists around the world on Fridays. All the different interpretations of the layout and the techniques people use. It’s incredible!

I attached the layout design for the challenge in my previous post, and here’s what I came up with:


I love this stamp. It’s one of my favourite Kettos. She’s just so whimsical and cute. Hard to see in the pic, yet again, but there’s very soft pink chalking around the edges of the circle and blue chalk in the middle. I used a white paper flower and coloured it slightly with my Copic BV00 marker. The button in the middle was also coloured with copics. I sanded the button in order for the marker to saturate. It’s not even but I think it looks kinda distressed that way. The paper used is Wisteria, including small bit of paper piecing on her skirt.

I didn’t venture far from the layout, but I love the simple look to it. No sentiment was used because I don’t know what I want to use this card for just yet. I could have put “Hang in there” appropriately, but I don’t know too many people recovering from something at the moment. Barb does have a sore throat, but I think she’ll be fine. Right Barb? Hang in there anyway. And don’t give it back to me or I’ll make you make a card for me.

I had a short but sweet visit from my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Terry today. I showed her all around my craft room and talked non-stop about it all. I wish she could’ve spent more time and create something along with me. Someday! Someday I’ll whisk you away from your home and bring you to my place. And if I win in Vegas, I’ll whisk you away to Ireland and Scotland! So wish me luck!

Well that’s it folks. Talk to ya later!

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It’s working!

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