Hello my love

I keep repeating that line over and over in my head! I think it’s from a commercial. First I was singing, “Hello my friend”, but now I think the word is Love instead. The reason being that my card I just made says “Hello Friend” on it. Either way I want a new song in my head please. Or at least a second sentence to go along with it.

I had nothing much to do tonight so I figured I would pick out a stamp I have never used and just start colouring. If it took off from there, great, but if not I wasn’t too worried. I love that this blog gives me a reason to create though. Before it was more just for occasions coming up soon or somebody asked me to make a card for them. But I think this is what I needed for myself. This way I can create just for fun and if I need a card, it’s ready!


This stamp is called “Chatty Cathy” from Stamping Bella… of course. And the background stamp is from Unity Stamps. Also a stamp I’d never used before. I started my card off with the background stamp and stared at the page for a while until I imagined what I wanted to create. I pulled out the blue and white paper to match the stamp because it’s kinda like a phone cord. If you’ve never heard of a phone cord before then you’re too young for my blog. Go text someone.

I’m starting to like having the white in the background showing, rather than covering it up with cardstock and starting from that colour. Going more simplistic maybe. I coloured in the bella dots with my copic marker to match. It was a great tip from Lauren Meader to really utilize your expensive copic markers by buying embellishments in white and colouring them in with your copics to match your projects! And save some money too!

And you can’t see it AT ALL but there’s a line of glitter above the blue paper. Just so you know.

I didn’t have a sentiment to go along with it in the beginning and figured I would just find something when I had use for the card, but then I remembered a set I had from the Cuttlebug with friend sentiments. And how perfect is “Hello Friend”! So tah-dahhhhhhh! Meet Chatty Cathy. I wonder what the person on the other side of the line said to her to give her that expression… you’ll never knowwww!! Wish I could show you the sneaky face my neice Paige makes right now. It would fit so perfect.

Well it’s past my 10pm bedtime deadline God forbid, so I must get going. Hope you enjoyed the card and leave me a nasty comment while you’re here! Or a nice one, whatever you feel like. Nighto folk!


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  1. 1

    Linda said,

    If only everyone knew that your cards look even better in person than
    when shown on the blog. I think you are an amazing artist, my dear daughter.
    Have fun, follow your dreams and good luck in the future with Feel Good Ink.
    Love, Mom

    • 2

      feelgoodink said,

      Oh well. At least I get to put them on my shelf and admire them for a little while. The other side of that though is they can’t see those tiny mistakes that are made too.

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