Thank Ewe!

I never know how to start my blog… it’s the hardest part of posting I think. Do I start with a Hello? Or just get right into business? Talk about the weather? I’ll just talk about how I don’t know what to talk about. Kinda like Seinfeld.

Anyway! I worked on my second out of three Thank You cards I am making for my sister. Not to give her because I want to thank her three times, but because she needs to give them to three people. This stamp is from Pink Cat Studio. I bought it about a year ago and have so far only used it twice, so I was quite happy to have a reason to use some more of the Farm set. I was kinda stuck on what to do with it though and played around with what paper to use for about 30 minutes. I settled on making the card itself more creative than the design on the cover. I made a gate fold card and put a little… what are they called? I’m looking up in Google “picture frame holder” but that’s not what it’s called. Photo tab? You’ll see in the photo and you can tell me what it is and call me an idiot. It closes the card and when opened I stamped three little chicks from the Farm set as well.

ThankEwe1 Outside

ThankEwe2 Inside!

This one is for my Aunt and Uncle who live on a farm. Ronald McDonald they call him. I like to do cards that suit somebodys interests. The sheep has white flock on it so it’s all fluffy to the touch.

Hope Ewe like it!


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    Cindy said,

    I think that EWE did a great job on this card too! I don’t see too many gate-fold cards…and I really like them. It has lots of space on the inside to write a nice thank you on it…so I think it is perfect for card #2. Love the colours and I love the little chicks on the inside. And I think that the word that you were looking for is “do-hickey”…LOL……that is the word that I would use!!!LOL
    I think that this card is perfect for “Ronald McDonald!” and Judy Patootie.
    I have to tell you that I really am very impressed too with the way that you write your blogs…they are very witty!!!You certainly have a knack for it!
    Have a good evening….and lots of love to ewe!!LOL

    • 2

      feelgoodink said,

      Thank ewe so much Cindy! Do-Hickey would’ve been the right word! I will use that from now on, thank you. Let me know if you get this comment. It says I can reply from my email so I’m doing that. I’ll be home tomorrow night if you wanna give me a call! Love ewe!

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