The McVeety Cards

Well I thought since I put Ryan’s card up I would add a few more. The first one was for his son who just turned one in May. He was having a Care Bear themed party, so I used my teddy bear stamp since it’s the closest I could get. I used my copics for most of the card and my Lyra pencils with mineral spirits for the teddy bear. I find they shade better and are easier to use for things like that since I haven’t quite mastered the art of the Copic yet, and probably never will. But I’ll continue to spend all my money on each marker anyway. So here’s Landen’s card:Landon09

Before that in April was my very special Aunty Cindy’s birthday. She’s such a wonderful person and I love her so much! I tried to make a very special card for her and it’s my favourite one to do because she always appreciates them so much and makes me feel wonderful about it. So here it is:


I’m still learning how to post things so I hope this turns out ok. I want to learn how to have each image clickable so that you can have a more detailed look at each card in a separate window. Maybe tomorrow my computer savvy fiancé can help me do that.

My next card is for Cindy’s husband, my wonderful Uncle Terry! His birthday was just a few weeks ago. He’s quite the handy man to say the least so I used another stamp from Stamping Bella named “Tool Time”. Again I used almost all Copics but for the shading on the jar’s I used my Lyra Pencils with mineral spirits. So last but not least:


I also made this into a Father’s Day card using a little different paper on the bottom from the same paper set for Robbie’s dad.

So there’s the McVeety cards for this year! Sending lots of love to all of you!


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