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Blockage Released…

I did it! Aren’t you proud of me? … no? Well… can you at least feel a little happiness for me? Thank you.

Thankfully my friend Barb forgot her mother’s birthday today. So, she needed a card. And I had just the one in the works!


I think having a sentiment for the card made it a little easier for me. I just felt the half circle was going to be so empty and just there for nothing. I ended up using what I had done last night actually. It’s really two experiements in one. First I cut the scallop circle and then I used my Versamark ink on a flourish stamp to ink around the circle. I didn’t like it. Still too boring. Then I used my cuttlebug flourishes to pop it up a bit. Still… mehh… it’s ok. But I think now that the half circle with “happy birthday” was added it made that more of a focal point and adding the purple bella dots made it a little dressier too. Getting the OK from Robbie also made it better.

I love the paper in the background. It’s called “Zinnia Bloom” from Little Yellow Bicycle. The cute stamp is Charlotte Ketto. She reminds me of a European girl from a little village. I paper pieced the orange part of her skirt from the same paper but opposite side. I actually had to stamp and colour her twice because while I was trying to figure out the circle design I had stamped something in red… and the red got on my finger… and then the red was under her dress… and that didn’t look too flattering on her.

So I will submit this card for this Friday’s Bella Challenge. Now I’ve got a masculine card to make for John. Beerafella it is. Hope to post it tomorrow (since that’s when his birthday is).

Hope everyone enjoys their day off and have a Happy Canada Day!!! in the rain.


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Stampers Block

Well I thought I’d be posting my new card tonight but my head’s just not in the right place. I blame it on Monday and getting over a cold. My new card is ALMOST done… and I decided to follow the sketch that was posted today for the Bella Challenge… but just one part of the card is bothering me and I can’t seem to get it right. Here’s the sketch:


It’s that circle in the background I can’t seem to do anything with. My stamp is all coloured, I’ve chosen my papers to match (gorgeous paper), but I keep trying different circles (scalloped, embossed edges, clean edges) and nothing seems to work. It just takes up too much of the image and hides that lovely paper I have behind it. So I think I’ll rest on it tonight and see if I can play with it again tomorrow.

In the meantime, I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll post a card I made a couple months back for my friend’s niece.


The little green tabs are from the dollar store. I thought they were a nice embellishment for the card. The sentiment is heat embossed to stand out from the paper. I love glittering up those fairy wings. Makes it all the more magical.

Hope to post tomorrow! Thanks for visiting!

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Maisy Ketto

So last Thursday Stamping Bella released a bunch of new stamps. If you spent $75 or more you got a free steel water bottle with “ecobella” on it. Of course I had to have it. I was just in there that Tuesday so I wasn’t keen on spending more money that week when I’m trying to save for Vegas… but c’mon… I needed that water bottle. So during my lunch at work I put together a list of things I would end up buying eventually anyway so I thought I’d just buy it all now and get the free water bottle. PLUS… because it was Emily’s birthday this week she gave a 40% off coupon for one item. I tried to find something that would make it worth it but in the end I bought another nestablities (Labels 3) I’ve been wanting. I was going to go for the Big-Bite but I just wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. I bought a few more Ketto stamps plus two new stamps that were totally adorable. I’ll have them up soon I’m sure on a new card. I also bought a ton of new paper that I couldn’t resist. And this is my card using my favourite of the things I bought:


Meet “Maisy Ketto”. Isn’t she freakin adorable?!! I have her on a mug I bought as well from the One-of-a-Kind show last year. I chose this paper because I wanted to keep with the flower theme. I also stamped my new Ketto flowers and cut them out for embellishment adding a bells dot in the center of the big ones and sparkles in the small ones. Another new stamp is the sentiment “if friends were flowers… I’d pick you!”. I love this card. I love her outfit and her orange hair. I kept with the stitching theme from the paper and paper pierced along the edge of my stamped paper and used a black pen to follow along the lines for some faux-stitching. I then added some brown iridescent chalk to take away that stark white and distress it a little since the paper is distressed some-what.
I love how the camera picked up the sparkles on her wings so well and made them glitter. Another thing I bought was an opaque white pen to add highlights to my stamps. You can notice it on her shoes. I have to learn more about shading and highlighting though before I get too crazy with it.

This is the first time I actually sketched my card out before I made it. Maybe it’s a new thing for me. This is another card that I will keep in stock as there’s no purpose for it yet. Right now it’s adding some colour and decoration to my shelf along with “Hello Friend”. I’m working on another card with a new Ketto stamp and hope to have it up tomorrow. She’s all coloured up and dazzling, I just need to pick a layout. Maybe when Monday’s Stamping Bella sketch is up it’ll suit it. If not I’ll use it for something else.

I’m having a lot of fun with this and I appreciate everybody stopping by to view my cards and read my blog. It makes me want to create more and more. And the more I create the happier I am. So thank you for putting a smile on my face!

And a special Thank you to my fiancĂ© Robbie for setting up his server to host my picture files there! I was already running out of room on Flickr. And now they’re even bigger pictures so you can really see detail and mistakes! You’re gonna love it Aunt Cindy. Take care!

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Hello my love

I keep repeating that line over and over in my head! I think it’s from a commercial. First I was singing, “Hello my friend”, but now I think the word is Love instead. The reason being that my card I just made says “Hello Friend” on it. Either way I want a new song in my head please. Or at least a second sentence to go along with it.

I had nothing much to do tonight so I figured I would pick out a stamp I have never used and just start colouring. If it took off from there, great, but if not I wasn’t too worried. I love that this blog gives me a reason to create though. Before it was more just for occasions coming up soon or somebody asked me to make a card for them. But I think this is what I needed for myself. This way I can create just for fun and if I need a card, it’s ready!


This stamp is called “Chatty Cathy” from Stamping Bella… of course. And the background stamp is from Unity Stamps. Also a stamp I’d never used before. I started my card off with the background stamp and stared at the page for a while until I imagined what I wanted to create. I pulled out the blue and white paper to match the stamp because it’s kinda like a phone cord. If you’ve never heard of a phone cord before then you’re too young for my blog. Go text someone.

I’m starting to like having the white in the background showing, rather than covering it up with cardstock and starting from that colour. Going more simplistic maybe. I coloured in the bella dots with my copic marker to match. It was a great tip from Lauren Meader to really utilize your expensive copic markers by buying embellishments in white and colouring them in with your copics to match your projects! And save some money too!

And you can’t see it AT ALL but there’s a line of glitter above the blue paper. Just so you know.

I didn’t have a sentiment to go along with it in the beginning and figured I would just find something when I had use for the card, but then I remembered a set I had from the Cuttlebug with friend sentiments. And how perfect is “Hello Friend”! So tah-dahhhhhhh! Meet Chatty Cathy. I wonder what the person on the other side of the line said to her to give her that expression… you’ll never knowwww!! Wish I could show you the sneaky face my neice Paige makes right now. It would fit so perfect.

Well it’s past my 10pm bedtime deadline God forbid, so I must get going. Hope you enjoyed the card and leave me a nasty comment while you’re here! Or a nice one, whatever you feel like. Nighto folk!

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Thank Ewe!

I never know how to start my blog… it’s the hardest part of posting I think. Do I start with a Hello? Or just get right into business? Talk about the weather? I’ll just talk about how I don’t know what to talk about. Kinda like Seinfeld.

Anyway! I worked on my second out of three Thank You cards I am making for my sister. Not to give her because I want to thank her three times, but because she needs to give them to three people. This stamp is from Pink Cat Studio. I bought it about a year ago and have so far only used it twice, so I was quite happy to have a reason to use some more of the Farm set. I was kinda stuck on what to do with it though and played around with what paper to use for about 30 minutes. I settled on making the card itself more creative than the design on the cover. I made a gate fold card and put a little… what are they called? I’m looking up in Google “picture frame holder” but that’s not what it’s called. Photo tab? You’ll see in the photo and you can tell me what it is and call me an idiot. It closes the card and when opened I stamped three little chicks from the Farm set as well.

ThankEwe1 Outside

ThankEwe2 Inside!

This one is for my Aunt and Uncle who live on a farm. Ronald McDonald they call him. I like to do cards that suit somebodys interests. The sheep has white flock on it so it’s all fluffy to the touch.

Hope Ewe like it!

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Bella Challenge for June 26

Hi everyone! And by one I mean the one person that reads my blog.

I got a head start on my Bella Challenge card for this Friday. The sketch was posted today and was designed by the lovely and talented Nicky.

Katie asked if I could do a few thank you cards for her so I started with this one. I figure it’s Monday and I don’t have to think about design, and I can just have fun colouring instead. Here’s the sketch:

SKETCH june 26

I pretty much kept to the layout this time except for the shape image. In keeping with the flower theme I used my Blossoms Nestability die cut. I also embossed flowers along the pink strip in the middle. I’m slowly learning how to shade in a face with copics. I think this one turned out nicely.

Again another 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 card. I’m picking up some envelopes tomorrow to fit so I can continue making cards with these dimensions.

I hope to get a couple other cards done tomorrow for Katie and I will post them when they’re ready! Nighto!

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Bella Challenge June 19

Each week Stamping Bella puts up a challenge for everybody to participate in. This week Paula from Paper Possibilities created a great layout. Here it is:

At first I had no idea what I was going to do for this one. But then the idea came late in the week and I knew just what I would create. Here is my interpretation of the layout:

I really love the bold colours in this one. It’s really funky. I haven’t designed many (see: 1) cards in the 5×5 layout. I really like it though. The only thing that’s held me back is I keep forgetting to pick up envelopes to fit them! I thought since I didn’t have a purpose for this card just yet I could hold on to it and get my ass into Stamping Bella and order them!

The second and third card I made today were both for graduations. One being my sister Katie as she graduated today from a 3 year course at Centennial for Creative Advertising with HONOURSSSSSS!! Way to go Katie! Her card had blonde hair to match.
The second graduation card was requested by my friend Barb who’s daughter is graduating high school next week. I wanted to make it classy looking and also found the perfect sentiment to go on it which is from Lizzie Anne Designs. I love when I bought something long ago that’s been sitting around for a while and find that it fits my card just perfect. Makes me feel like I didn’t waste my money. The ribbon is actually see-through plastic with a really neat design. Also something I bought long ago and haven’t used yet. So it all came together nicely I think.

You can see the reflection of the light on the plastic ribbon actually. I cut the flowers out and popped them up over the border. I also coloured the gown with Lyra pencils and mineral spirits because the black copic marker is too dense when you’re colouring a large object. The rest is done copic markers.

So that was what I did from 4-7 pm today! I enjoyed it though and was happy to get my Bella submission in on time. They’ll all be posted tomorrow and a random winner is picked to win $20! Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day, huh? If not I’ll save my luck for Vegas next month.

That’s it for today folk(s)! Nighto!!

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